M & A Advisory Services

In today’s financial marketplace, merger, acquisition and divestiture activities continue as important means of achieving corporate and shareholder objectives. To realize success in an M & A environment, senior management must remain focused on three core areas: well-defined M & A strategies, due diligence and their timely execution.

Des Ruisseaux Global Advisors has extensive transactional experience in a wide range of industries to help clients meet all three requirements by:

•Defining specific M & A objectives and parameters of the assignment.
•Working closely with our clients, from initial planning to closing, tailoring our efforts to minimize disruption to the company’s day-to-day business and operations.
We provide the following M & A services:​

•Expert advisory services to support acquisition and divestiture plans, through careful valuation analyses and focused negotiations.
•Structured financing to support acquisitions, including obtaining financing, and concurrent recapitalization of balance sheets.
•A well-orchestrated due diligence process, including managing legal and financial aspects, in addition to conducting a comprehensive risk assessment profile.