There is a variety of reasons why companies file for bankruptcy protection:

•Excessive debt
•Lack of liquidity

A company also may use bankruptcy as a strategy to fend off litigation exposure or to eliminate burdensome contractual obligations.

At Des Ruisseaux Global Advisors, we help companies manage bankruptcy and insolvency related matters in order to emerge financially sound.

Bankruptcy advisory services

Effectively addressing the concerns of bankruptcy or insolvency requires experienced professionals who understand the issues associated with this complex situation.

DGA will assist you by offering years of practical knowledge and experience derived from working with debtor clients, creditors and the banking, investment and legal communities.

DGA works with you to develop the appropriate financial and operating solutions for your distressed situation under the urgency that these situations require. Our services include:

•Financial advisory services representing debtors and creditors on Chapter 11 cases.
•Bankruptcy related financing including Debtor-in-possession financing (DIP Financing) by providing fresh debt financing in accordance with bankruptcy regulations.
•Exit financing and recapitalization assistance by securing new financing to allow debtors to exit bankruptcy and fund its reorganization plans.
•Assisting in estate settlement, executing a plan of reorganization or shedding non-core assets.