The Challenge with Alternative Investments

Before a client is accepted into an alternative investment vehicle such as a private placement program, etc., they must submit a very specific set of application documents.  Oftentimes, these documents alone will determine whether or not they are accepted into a particular program.

As a result, it is critical that the application and all supporting materials are completed in a manner that will withstand the arduous screening and due diligence process.  All too often a client’s application is rejected simply because it was completed incorrectly, or did not meet the program’s exacting submission standards.

Our Solution – Compliance and Due Diligence Packaging

In response, we have created our Compliance and Due Diligence Packaging Service (CDDPS).  The CDDPS conducts a detailed due diligence review of your application—in line with what Traders, Trade Attorney’s, Compliance Officers and Investment Handlers would conduct—and helps you identify and remedy potential weakness in your package.  This will allow you to submit the best possible application the first time, increasing the likelihood of program acceptance.

The Benefits of Our Service

By engaging our services you will:

  • Be walked through each step of the application process by a knowledgeable professional who has successfully completed numerous private placement transactions;
  • Present a professional application backed by every document needed to support your application and desired outcome, arranged in the manner that industry professionals expect to see;
  • Understand the typical application process, including: “do’s and don’ts” of dealing with the industry; things to watch for; what information is seen as red flags; and when to walk away.
  • Understand terms and definitions so that when you are taken to contract, you will be very clear about the terminology being used.