Our team of skilled professionals arranges creative financial solutions for our clients. The credentials for our Members are as follows:

Mr. Des Ruisseaux is an Independent Economist, with Degrees in Finance and International Economics; he is an Honors Graduate from the Sawyer School of Management (SSOM-Finance) and the Beacon Institute (An economic think tank from the Archer School of Economics) at Suffolk University in Boston, MA. He is an honorary member of the International Financial Management Association (IFMA) based in Tampa FL, and is also an honorary member of Omicron Delta Epsilon (ОΔΕ: International Honor Society in Economics). He holds a Doctorate Degree in International Affairs from Rhema University, in Florida. He is the Founder and CEO of the Caribbean Broadcasting Television of America, Inc. (CBTV). He is a qualified and experienced program director, with outstanding skills in financing and economic development. Mr. Des Ruisseaux’s innovativeness and creative skills have produced marquee programs that continue to meet the needs of the West Indian-American community. Mr. Des Ruisseaux was a Tactical Combat Engineer in the United States Marine Corps. (Semper Fidelis- Always Faithful) Semper Fi.